[Cameron is my housemate. He lives upstairs from me with three other people; I live downstairs with two other people. One of our other upstairs housemates is seriously bringing home a new girl every week and then disposing of them and we have contempt for the disposal. Also, he's always fucking at odd hours and aggravating Cameron and me.]
Cameron: Sooooo in case you were awake at 1am and in the living room, those noises coming through the ceiling were what you thought they were.
Me: Oh god I just vomited.
Cameron: It's a shame you're only into old men. The revenge could've been EPIC.
Me: What can I say? Hip replacements are a turn on. ;P
Cameron: It's all bionic humping until the plastic joint slips
Me: It's like fucking a cyborg.
Me: oh god this is too gross I OVERQUIPPED
Cameron: Does that you mean you want a... *sunglasses* ...quip replacement?
Me: ...
Cameron: ...
Cameron: CSI should pay me a stipend to consistently write their first two minutes.
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